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With Verteacal Blendz, we bring the magic of authentic tea right from the plantations of Assam to your cup. Tea is an emotion, and that’s what we have kept alive for more than 50 years. Assam Tea Center started its journey in 1971. Just like “Global Brands” start small, in a warehouse or a backyard, Assam Tea Center started likewise but now has flourished into a brand with a new identity, Verteacal Blendz.

But, the magic of the most beloved beverage should not be constrained within borders. To take this love beyond borders, with Vateacan Pure, we cater our products across the globe, largely in the United Kingdom. With a wide network of suppliers, we carry out our operations with ease, so that your love for tea stays seamless and fresh.



Started in 1971 by Mr Kishor Manilal Shah, Assam Tea Center took its first step with an aim to expand the authenticity of premium tea across the nation, and with time, around the globe.

Our journey is more of a legacy which is continued by our generation, which is destined to grow till eternity. Assam Tea Center started with a suggestion by Mr Shah's friend to start his own business. His friend assisted him in establishing this business in 1971 which is still going stronger, even after more than 50 years.

Vateacan Pure, the Best Tea Wholesaler in India

Are you craving the most magical sip of tea that kickstarts your day with a boost of freshness and sets your mood right to achieve your daily goals? You are at the right place. Being the best wholesale tea supplier in India, we are recognised for our wide range of authentic tea that come right from the plantations of Assam.

With a wide network of bulk tea suppliers across the globe, we cater to every country, especially in the United Kingdom. Our tea products are known for their authenticity which is rich in quality and redefines the love for tea with every sip.

Our tea exporters have expertise in delivering bulk tea products seamlessly in the committed time frame, which places us among the best bulk tea suppliers.

Contact Vateacan Pure, the best bulk tea exporter in India, to place your order for the most authentic loose leaf tea, green tea, and more that are produced just for you and your freshness.

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Our Products

The qualities, whether in our product or in our brand, are something that has kept us flourishing for ages as the best Tea Exporter in India.

Dust Tea
Darjeeling Green Tea
Darjeeling Black Tea
White Tea
Iced Tea
Masala Tea

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The minimum order amount has to be £100 for tea exports.

CTC Tea, Dust Tea, Darjeeling Green Tea, Darjeeling Black Tea, and TGFOP Tea are some of our bestsellers.

No, we don't deal on a contract basis.

We export our tea products across the globe.

Every tea product has a different shelf life which starts from at least 1 year.