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Our History

Started in 1971 by Mr Kishor Manilal Shah, Assam Tea Center took its first step with an aim to expand the authenticity of premium tea products across the nation, and with time, around the globe.

Our journey is more of a legacy which is continued by our generation, which is destined to grow till eternity. Assam Tea Center started with a suggestion by Mr Shah's friend to start his own business. His friend assisted him in establishing this business in 1971 which is still going stronger, even after more than 50 years.

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    Years of Serving Freshness


We are now KVPS Verteacal Blendz LLP

It’s a well-known proverb that “Change is the Only Constant”. Everyone has to adapt to changes which come with time and continue to walk their path with a laser-pointed focus. The brand which started as Assam Tea Center is now KVPS Verteacal Blendz LLP. The name has changed, the looks have changed, but what has remained constant is our enthusiasm to serve the masses with premium quality tea products that redefine the art we call “Tea” and rejuvenate their soul with an abundance of authenticity.

With KVPS Verteacal Blendz LLP, we aim at expanding this authenticity to a national as well as global level. With enhanced reach and presence, we envision helping our farmers in becoming financially stable as we take their produce and supply it to every cup across the nation and around the globe. KVPS Verteacal Blendz LLP, where we promise aromatic freshness of authenticity in every sip.

  • Our Mission

    To expand the authenticity of premium tea products right from the plantations of Assam to your cup.

  • Our Vision

    To take the legacy of premium tea products on the global stage and make the speciality of Assam a centre of attraction.

  • Our Values

    To keep the true essence of tea alive by circulating its miracle across borders and overseas.


Mr Kishor Manilal Shah (Founder)

Assam Tea Centre came into being in 1971, when a good friend of Mr Kishor Manilal Shah, our founder, suggested he start his own business and offered his complete assistance for operations to logistics to everything needed to establish and run a business.

Assam Tea centre is a business that is more of a legacy of the Shah family, where generations have kept the aromatic essence of this age-old business alive and ever-flourishing.

With changing times, and digital media becoming more powerful, Mr Kapil Shah, son of Kishor Manilal Shah, felt the need to give their age-old brand a new look. That's how they came up with KVPS Verteacal Blendz LLP. With KVPS Verteacal Blendz LLP, Mr Kapil envisions taking this legacy, their age-old business forward by expanding the authenticity of pure tea products to more and more people.

Meet the Specialist Team

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  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards CEO & Founder
  • Maria White
    Maria White Support Engineer
  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson Lab Assistant
  • Linda Nelson
    Linda Nelson Lab Assistant
  • Katrina King
    Katrina King Sales Manager
  • John Anderson
    John Anderson Sales Manager


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